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Select members of the Glires (rodents, rabbits and relatives, all derived, ultimately from the basal placental, Monodelphis, not to scale.
Tupaia is a tree shrew. Macroscelides is an elephant shrew. Chrysochloris is a golden mole.
Scutisorex is a hero shrew. Apatemys is a an arboreal apatemyid. Trogosus is a terrestrial apatemyid or tillodont.
Solenodon is a solendontid. Zalambdalestes is another solenodontid.
Nambaroo is a primitive rabbit and a kangaroo mimic. Brachyerix is an extinct hedgehog. Gomphos is an extinct rabbit. Orytolagus is an extant rabbit.
Carpolestes is an arboreal plesiadapiform. Plesiadapis is another arboreal plasiadapiform. Taeniolabis is a terrestrial plesiadapiform often considered a multituberculate.
Shenshou is a pre-rodent. Paramys is an extinct rodent. Rattus is an extant rodent. Ignacius has not been tested but usually nestes with plesiadapiform.
Kryptobaatar is a multituberculate. Ptilodus is a multituberculate. Rugosodon is a multituberculate. Megconus is another multituberculate often considered a mammaliaform.

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